The Original Ships Wheel Shadow Box!!!!
36" Ships Wheel Shadowbox ONLY $225.00 + S&H !!!
Genuine solid wood ships wheel shadowbox.  Measures 36" from handle to handle, with an inside mounting
area of 21 3/4".  Comes complete with glass and rope trim, mounting hardware for the flag, and flag
template to fold the flag around.  
1. HOW TO ORDER - When you are sure that this is the one you want simply send us an email. Be sure
you include the ceremony date, the name of the person the box is for, your name and your command and/or
location, and which option you will need.  Payment info can be given over the phone M-F 9:00 a.m.-4:00
p.m. CST.

2. PRICE - The price of the box is $225.00 + S & H

UPS (Continental United States only)  $40.00
Priority mail to FPO/APO is $80.00
Priority mail to Hawaii/Alaska is $80.00

3. OPTIONS - We sell the boxes two different ways. Empty with mounting hardware and Option 2 with
Command History Plate.

Option 1 - Some people need it right away and want to mount their own stuff in the box. They also provide
their own engraving. This is the fastest way because we have the boxes already packaged and ready to go,
and in most cases can be shipped that same day.

Option 2 - Some people want us to provide the command history plate. This takes a little longer but not
much. The command history can be emailed to us.  Usually ships within 1-3 days in most cases.

The flag should not be bigger than 3' x 5'. Bigger flags don't fold thin enough to fit.
!!! 3 X 5 nylon flags folded & ready to mount available for only $25.00. !!!

4. PAYMENT - Because of the nature of the product we need payment prior to shipping the box.  We
visa, mastercard, money orders and personal checks. If you are paying by credit card I suggest you
call us with the card info rather than emailing it.

If you have any other questions feel free to call us at 800-765-8277. We are on Central time and our hours
are 9AM - 4PM, Monday through Friday. Our email is checked continuously throughout the day. If you
send your order via email you should receive a reply. If you don't receive it, it's possible it didn't come
through so give us a call or try sending it again.
The "Crystal Heart" Acrylic
The Crystal Heart is the perfect gift for the
Navy Wife who stood beside you through your
career.  It stands 8" high and is 1" thick.  Can
be personalized with wife's first name and your
first name.  

ONLY $75.00 + S&H

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"CPO Retired" Coin - $7.00 ea.
!! Folded Flags only $25.00 !!
Retirement Plaques
Items For The Spouse
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Ships Wheel Shadowbox:
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Ships Wheel Ret. Plaque (The Watch):
$50.00 ea.
Ships Wheel Ret. Plaque (CPO Ret. Creed):
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CPO Retired Coin:
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Anchor Cutout Coin:
$7.00 ea.
USN Retired Coin:
$7.00 ea.
CPO Coin:
$5.00 ea.
Folded Flag:
$25.00 ea.
!!!!  For Your Wife  !!!!
Acrylic Crystal Heart:
$75.00 ea.
Wife's First Name or Nickname:
Your First Name or Nickname:
Creating Navy Wife(The Tear):
$45.00 ea.
Wife's First Name or Nickname:
Your First Name or Nickname:
!!! Please call 800-765-8277 to confirm your order !!!
Additional Info/Command History: (Copy and Paste in Box Below)
***Please be sure to include your Name/Rate and Warfare Des.***
Anchor Cutout Coin - $7.00 ea.
For Your Spouse
The "Tear" Acrylic Plaque
9 X 11 Acrylic Plaque with
"The Tear Poem"
available in Red, Blue, Grey and Green

ONLY $45.00 + S&H

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Ships Wheel Shadowbox
The Watch
Brand New Item!

18" Ships Wheel Plaque available with many different sayings.

Standard Plaques only $50.00    /     Custom Plaques only $60.00
"CPO Retirement Creed"
Brand New Item!

18" Ships Wheel Plaque available with many different sayings.

Standard Plaques only $50.00    /     Custom Plaques only $60.00
Retirement Ships Wheel Plaques
Specializing in Unique, High Quality Awards and Gifts !!!
!!! 1860 Naval Cutlasses !!!

Starting at only $59.95

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